Fairbeat JOBHA Premium Hair Care Oil – Curry leaf

Enriched with the extracts of Curry leaf


For Hair Fall control & Prevents Premature Hair Greying



Curry leaf is one of the most ancient herbs used in India. According to the practice of Ayurveda, Curry leaf is highly nutritious. Fairbeat JOBHA Premium Hair care oil – enriched with Curry leaf is a perfect blend of best natural herbal extracts and amazing hair benefits of Essential oils. It is very helpful in treating hair fall problem. Get rid of Hair fall &Premature hair greying problem in the minimum possible time.
  • Double Benefits : Herbal extracts + Essential Oils
  • Direction of use : Apply FairbeatJobha Henna Premium hair care oil, massage gently on your scalp & leave for an hour and wash off with water.
  • Regular usage will show improved results more quickly.
  • A non-sticky oil, can also be applied before/after washing the hair. Use at bed time and leave overnight for best results. Suitable for men and women.
  • Free of parabenes, PEG, synthetic color& other harmful chemicals.
  Herbal extracts
  • Curry leaf extract : Remedy for split ends and hair fall problems.
  • Bhringrajextract : Its miraculous benefits of penetration helps towards easy and faster hair growth.
  • Henna extract : Natural hair coloring agent. Prevents dandruff and scalp itching.
  • Avarampooextract : Hair conditioner & reduces body heat.
  • Olive extract: It makes frizzy hair to shine and feel soft for easy management.
  Essential oils
  • Arganoil : It enhances the elasticity of the hair and nourishes the hair deeply.
  • Cedarwoodoil : Anti-dandruff & Anti hair loss properties.
  • Castor oil : Stimulates hair growth, reduces split ends and hair breakage.
  • Thyme oil : It helps to prevent thinning of the hair and makes to look lustrous.
  • Almond oil : Reduces scalp inflammation, dandruff and hair loss.
  • Jojoba oil : It soothes the scalp and treats dry scalp problems.
  • Tea tree oil : Induces hair growth and nourishes hair roots.
  • YlangYlangOil : Natural conditioner increases the width of hair follicles and makes you gain thick healthy hair.
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