Fairbeat Goat Milk Shampoo

Enriched with the goodness of Goat milk & Amla

pH Balanced Ultra gentle nourishing, hydrate & strengthen hair, repair split ends


  • Maintain a healthy scalp & soft, strong shiny hair
  • Ultra gentle, making it perfect for dry and irritated scalps
  • Moisturizes, soften and add shines
  • Goat milk contains abundance of protein, amino acids, fat, vitamins, minerals and lactic acid nourishes and intensively moisturizes your hair to a healthy, silky - smooth finish
  • It replenishes moisture to every hair strand while reinforcing hair structure for increased strength and shine
  • Every wash leaves hair feeling wonderfully light, super soft and smooth
  • Excellent cleanser and natural shine to the hair
This unique, Creamy, gentle shampoo formulated with Goat milk &Amla cleans thoroughly without stripping hair’s natural oils. Its carefully formulated for everyday use on all hair types. It penetrates the hair shaft and provides the hair maximum moisture.
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