Herbal Health Drink Mix – Mandurathi Adai Kudineer

A Siddha Property Product 100% Natural

A Wholesome, Natural and healthy way to manage an active lifestyle.

Made from Multi-herbs and Pulses, it helps overcome dietary deficiencies and boosts your immunity
  • Helps to maintain body weight
  • Source of Protein
  • Improves blood Circulation and production
  • Helps dissolve kidney stones

Benefits of Madurathi Adai Kudineer:

  • Blood Regeneration
  • Prevents Jaundice & Asthma
  • Induces hunger
  • Reduces Tiredness & Stress
  • Helps to get healthy intestine
  • Helps in healthy growth of baby
  • Reduce body heat
  • Controls irregular periods
  • Cures Cyst
  • Secretion of breast Milk

Directions for Use:

Take 5 gram of Biotreets Herbal Health Drink Powder and mix with sufficient water or milk. Consume at morning everyday regularly.
Available in:
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